Miriam SweeneyCore Team Member, ChangemakerXchange / The Possibilists
Miriam Sweeney (she/they) is an impassioned weaver and facilitator, who combines her passion for community development and radical, care-based social change, to facilitate spaces that encourage self exploration, shift narratives, foster trust and inspire collective action. Professionally, they work for ChangemakerXchange, a community of changemakers from world working on a vast range of social and environmental issue. A key pillar of their work focuses on running programmes to support changemakers on their sometimes difficult, but ultimately rewarding journey. A cornerstone of these programmes is gifting changemakers the time and spaciousness to slow down, check-in and nurture their own wellbeing, and facilitate a journey that builds profound and trusting cross-border and cross-sectoral connections, so that they may create, sustain and scale positive change in a conscious and embodied way. Another key pillar of ChangemakerXchange’s work is the Possibilists¬†an alliance of some of the biggest organizations who support young changemakers, working toward creating the best possible conditions for changemakers to thrive. Personally, Miriam has a background in Psychology and activism, having led an Dublin based activism campaign Reclaim Our Spaces, organising talks and events to raise awareness about the city’s imbalanced urban development and showcase examples of successfully reclaimed community & cultural spaces in other countries.

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