How do I reach The Hague from Schiphol Airport or Eindhoven Airport?

Travelling from Amsterdam Schiphol Airport to The Hague by train

Welcome to the Netherlands! Once you get off the plane, please follow the directions to the train station at Schiphol Airport. The platforms of Schiphol station are located underneath Schiphol Plaza, the central hall of the terminal.

NS intercity to The Hague runs every 30 minutes and it usually takes 35 minutes to travel from Amsterdam Schiphol to The Hague Central station (Den Haag Centraal). Den Haag Centraal is the best option to arrive into the city centre, and allows you to reach a wide array of accommodation options within walking distance. Please visit the NS Travel Planner and plan ahead your trip.

Travelling from Eindhoven Airport to The Hague by train
Once you get off the plane, please follow the directions to the bus stop located in P1. The airport shuttle bus 401 or the regular bus 400 will take you from Eindhoven Airport to Eindhoven Station.

The bus trip will take approximately 20 minutes. You can take the bus next to the terminal (located in P1). Once you arrive at the train station, you can walk towards the train platforms. Direct trains between Eindhoven Centraal and Den Haag Centraal run every 30 minutes.

The train trip will take approximately 1.30 hour. Check bus departures times here and train departures here. Learn more about ticket options here.

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