How do I purchase tickets for public transports in The Netherlands?


A newer option for travellers in the Netherlands is OVpay, an app that allows anyone who travels by public transport without a discount subscription to check in and out at stations using contactless payment through a secure method. The payment on OVPay is done through credit cards, debit cards, or smartphones while checking in and out. You can use OVpay on buses, trams, metros, and trains. The non-Dutch cards that can be used through the OVPay system are Maestro, V Pay, Mastercard, and Visa, and standard fees will apply the same as for the OV-chipkaart, although you may want to check the foreign transaction fees before travelling if you have a non-euro card.

Public Transportation Apps


Do you need a personal planner for public transportation? The 9292 app allows you to plan all of your trips, select your destination, and the app will display up-to-date travel information for all public transportation in the Netherlands, as well as alternative travel advice and many other features.


The NS app is your go-to app for everything train-related. You can plan your journey, look up train schedules, delays, and disruptions, and purchase train tickets in advance, all in one place.

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