Eduardo PedrosoSenior Technician, Statistics and Database Team, CASES - António Sérgio Cooperative for Social Economy

Eduardo Pedroso manages the Statistics and Database Team as Senior technician at CASES, a Public Interest Cooperative that promotes the strengthening of the Social Economy Sector and pursuits policies in the volunteering area in Portugal. His duties include monitoring national and international recommendations and regulations within the scope of statistical guidelines and development policies for Social Economy; and conducting several studies and analysis on the social economy sector, the cooperative sector and volunteer work. During 2012-2014, at Statistics Portugal, he was responsible for designing the first satellite account on Social Economy and the first survey on Volunteer activities done in Portugal. Moreover, he was a consultant for Eurostat on issues related to Education and Training statistics (2016-2017) and, as an employee for the Portuguese Communications National Authority (2014-2019), he worked closely with the European Commission and other international institutions and regulators on telecom regulations, policies, and data.

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